Dye Sublimation


Dye Sublimation works on garments with a high polyester or nylon content, achieving a near photographic print quality. This method of printing leaves no deposit on the surface of the fabric, preserving the lightweight nature and breathability of the garment, making it ideal for sportswear. This process allows for easy personalisation at an affordable price.


QMSC Embroidery


Embroidery is an eye catching way to customise your clothing. We use computer controlled embroidery machines to produce beautiful embroidery which will last the life of the garment. We can embroider any garment type, positioning the logo in various locations on the garment, including the chest, back and sleeves. Our machine embroidery has a high stitch count, giving a fine level of detail to complex logos.


Screen Print


Screen Printing is a great way of putting a large logo on a garment. We offer bright, multi coloured screen prints which are durable and long lasting. Screen printing is the most cost effective option for large orders.


Vinyl Transfers


Vinyl Transfers can be used to apply a logo to most garment types. The transfers are long lasting, wash well and have a soft feel. Many styles are available, including neon, glitter and patterned effects. Vinyl transfers are a great way to keep costs down for small orders or personalised one offs.

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